A plan and view of the city of Vienna

Vienna 1683

Showing the borderlands of Austria and Hungary, as well as Vienna, this rare print depicts the city at the time of the two-month siege by the Ottomans and subsequent Battle of Kahlenberg.

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Map of Vienna, probably drawn up in 1683 before the Battle of Kahlenberg

King John III Sobieski of Poland defeated the Ottomans following a two-month siege of the city. The many nations of the Holy Roman Empire came together under the banner of the Emperor, Leopold I, to prevent the very real risk of conquest by the Ottoman sultan, Mehmed IV. This print is anonymous, but was probably the work of Matteo Gregorio de’ Rossi, part of a notable dynasty of Roman printers. Now very rare, this was a rushed production with many mistakes, and obsolete within a few weeks.

Original Size: 37 x 47 cms

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37 cm X 47 cmPOAPOA