Tycho's planetary system. A planisphere.

Tychonic Planisphere 1660

Cellarius’ celestial map, based on the teachings of Tycho Brahe, with the sun orbiting the earth.



A planisphere, showing the heavens based on the works of Tycho Brahe

Taken from Harmonia Macrocosmica, an atlas of the universe, created by Andreas Cellarius, in collaboration with cartographer Johannes van Loon and engraver Frederick Hendrick van Hove, and published in 1660 by Johannes Janssonius. Brahe was a Danish astonomer (d.1601) who combined elements of the Copernican and Ptolemaic systems into his own, Tychonic system, which correctly had the moon orbiting the Earth and the planets orbiting the sun, but which also stated that the sun revolved around the Earth. Brahe is also famous for his false nose, made of brass, which concealed an injury sustained in a duel in 1566. See also M026.

Original Size: 43 x 52 cms

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