A map of the Three Arabias

Three Arabias 1654

The Middle East, as depicted in the mid-17th century by Nicolas Sanson, foremost amongst French cartographers.



A map of Arabia, the Red Sea and part of the Persian Gulf, known in Roman times as Arabia Deserta, Arabia Felix and Arabia Petraea

Created in 1654 by Nicolas Sanson, royal geographer to Louis XIII (and regarded by some as the father of French cartography), and engraved by Jean Somer. Most of this region belonged to the Ottoman Empire under the six-year-old Sultan Mehmed IV and the Regent, his mother Turhan Hatice Sultan – one of only two women in Ottoman history to hold this post and exercise supreme control over the Empire. After an initial period of great unrest Mehmet went on to oversee a revival in Ottoman fortunes, and became the second longest reigning Sultan.

Original Size: 39 x 47 cms

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