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The Thames Defences Against The Spanish Armada 1588

A plan of 1588 showing the defences against the Spanish Armada on the Thames.

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A coloured plan, on vellum, of the river Thames, from London to Tilbury Hope, showing the defences in place against the Spanish Armada in 1588

These included two proposed barriers spanning the river, and numerous gun batteries. Drawn by Robert Adams, this is one of two maps commissioned possibly by Lord Howard of Effingham, commander of the English fleet, or the Earl of Leicester, commander-in-chief of all the English forces. This version is the better preserved of the two. The Royal Camp at West Tilbury is shown, where Queen Elizabeth gave her famous speech to the assembled troops, and where she received the news that the bulk of the ships of Philip II had been destroyed by fire in Calais harbour and the remaining ships dispersed by the winds some ten days before.

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