'The Kingdome of England' drawn in 1610.  Boundaries of counties or shires.

The Kingdome of England 1610

A collaboration between celebrated English mapmakers Christopher Saxton and John Speed, this was published in 1610.



The Kingdome of England. Described by Christopher Saxton, augmented by John Speed … Jodocus Hondius Flander caelavit … 1610.

(A Catalogue of all the Shires, Cities, Bishoprickes, Market-Townes, Castles, Parishes, Rivers, Bridges, Chases, Forrests and Parkes … of England.) Saxton produced the first county maps of England and Wales, based on a survey he undertook from 1574-78, which were published in 1579 as the first-ever atlas of the whole country. Known in later years as the ‘English Mercator’, John Speed also produced a full set of county maps, and in 1627 published the first world atlas by an Englishman – costing 40 shillings.

Original Size: 38 x 51 cms

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