Shows the German Empire as a young man lounging across Europe.

The German Empire c.1900

A serio-comic map of Germany, highlighting some of the (stereotypical) national characteristics.



A serio-comic map of Germany by Lilian Lancaster (1852-1939)

Under her married name, Mrs Tennant. Lancaster was a renowned pantomime artiste, comic actress and singer in her youth, in both Great Britain and North America. She was also well-known for her humorous maps, which she started drawing as a teenager, to amuse her sick brother. Her first collection was published in London when she was just 16. Serio-comic maps started to make an appearance from about 1850, and usually depicted the fluctuating political scene in Europe, with individual countries being represented by animals, or allegorical or other more or less realistic figures.

Original Size: 25 x 32 cms

SizeArt on Demand PaperBamboo PaperSilk Paper
75 cm X 96 cm£2100£2100£3100
50 cm X 64 cm£1500£1500£2200
25 cm X 32 cm£1200£1200£1600