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New South Wales 1832

An early map of New South Wales, compiled by Major Thomas Mitchell, the Surveyor-General of the colony.



The first major survey of the 19 Counties of New South Wales.

The first major survey of the 19 Counties of New South Wales (the area within which white settlement was allowed at that time). This was carried out by the Surveyor-General, Major Thomas Mitchell, a Scot who had served in the Peninsular Wars. He arrived in Australia in 1827, became Surveyor-General the following year and held this post until his death in 1855. He undertook four major journeys of exploration throughout Eastern Australia, and was instrumental in opening up much of the land to sheep farming. His published accounts of his explorations were immensely popular, and he remains an important figgure in early white Australian history. He was knighted in 1839, and is also remembered as the last person in Australia to challenge another man to a duel, in 1851 – both men missed their marks.

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