Lower Egypt and Palestine c.1855

Published first in 1802 this map of the Nile Delta and Palestine was updated and reissued several times over the next fifty years.



‘Lower Egypt with the adjacent deserts, with a part of Palestine, to which has been added the nomenclature of the Roman age, by L.S. De la Rochette’

Published in London by J. Wyld in 1860. This map was originally published in 1802, to capitalise on the renewed interest in Egypt following Nelson’s victory at the Battle of the Nile in 1798 and Abercrombie’s at Alexandria in 1801, which culminated in the expulsion of Napoleon’s army. Reissued a number of times, this 1860 version includes the proposed route of the railway line from Alexandria to Cairo and Suez. As the line was complete by 1858, it is highly probable that this is a reprint of the 1854 edition of the map.

Original Size: 60 x 81 cms

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