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Jerusalem 1486

Depicting a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and the Holy Land undertaken in 1483, this map accompanied the first-ever printed guidebook in 1486.

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Created to accompany the first-ever printed guidebook in 1486 this map depicts a pilgrimage to the Holy Land undertaken by Bernhard von Breidenbach and others in 1483

It is oriented to show East rather than North at the top, with Jerusalem shown at the centre. Maps of the Holy Land at this time relied heavily on information contained in earlier maps, sometimes created centuries before, and were thus more useful as spiritual guides than route planners. Breidenbach’s map, drawn by fellow-pilgrim Erwin Reuwich, was based on personal observations made during a stay of probably several months. This map, along with several others and many illustrations, was published two years later in Peregrinatio in Terram Sanctam, the first guidebook as we would understand it today. This was a great success and was translated into several languages. The map itself was still being published, with only minor updating, until the late 18th century.

Original Size: 27 x 127 cms

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