M086 Dauphin Map 1642 sm

Harleian or Dauphin Map of the World c.1642

Created for Henri II, this is the first known map to name Canada, and just possibly the first to show the coast of Australia.

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This map is one of the earliest (c. 1542) achievements of the Dieppe School

Influenced by the maritime, or ‘portolan’ charts that had been created in west Mediterranean coastal towns since at least the late twelfth century, the Dieppe mapmaking community flourished for about a century, declining at much the same time as the port. Commissioned by, or presented to, Henri II of France, this is the earliest known map to name Canada, thereby staking a French claim to that territory. The depiction of IAVE LA GRANDE, in the south-east corner, has caused much controversy, with several scholars claiming that it shows the northern coast of Australia, thus ‘proving’ that it was discovered by the Portuguese in the late 1520s.

Original Size: 118 x 246 cms

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