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Genoa 1673

The harbour at Genoa, as drawn by Charles Wylde, captain of HMS Centurion, bound for Constantinople.

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‘The city and mould of Genova’, as portrayed in 1673 by Charles Wylde, Commander of HMS Centurion

This 40-gun, 4th rate frigate was en route from England to Constantinople, conveying Sir John Finch, who was to be installed as Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire. The Republic of Genoa, a state within the Holy Roman Empire, was founded in 1339 and survived under a succession of Doges until dissolved during tne Napoleonic Wars in 1797. Finch, accompanied by his lifelong companion and colleague Sir Thomas Baines, proved to be an unsuccessful Ambassador, was recalled in 1681 and died in Florence on his way back to England. HMS Centurion was wrecked in Plymouth Sound during a storm on Christmas Day, 1689.

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