A map of Egypt

Egypt 1743

A very large map of Egypt, from the Mediterranean coast to Philae and the now-vanished First Cataract.



Map of Egypt, published in 1743 by Philip Overton

This map was created by Richard Pococke (1704-65), a churchman who became Bishop of Ossory and Meath in Ireland. Rather than attending to ecclesiastical duties, Pococke spent much of his time travelling, inlcuding a journey in the lands of the eastern Mediterranean from 1737 to 1741. This map was published in the first volume of his A Description of the East and some other countries. The second volume was published in 1745.

Original Size: 181 x 110 cms

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181 cm X 110 cm£3600£3600POA
145 cm X 88 cm£3000£3000£3600
109 cm X 66 cm£2400£2400£3000