Maps C.39.d.2  6-7

Coast of Barbarie 1667

Notorious as the base of the dreaded Barbary Pirates until the 1820s, the Barbary Coast covered much of north-west Africa.

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“A generall mapp of the coast of Barbarie 1667”.

A 1667 map of the north coast of Africa. Originally created and published in France by Nicolas Sanson, this version was translated by Richard Blome and engraved by Francis Lamb. The western Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts of north Africa were the centre of operations of the Barbary pirates, who captured thousands of merchant ships and took hundreds of thousands of slaves from as far away as Iceland. The mid-17th century marked the turning-point in their effectiveness as the navies of western Europe grew in power, and all such piracy came to an end with the French conquest of north Africa in 1830.

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