A coloured plan of Canterbury.

Canterbury 1588

William Smith’s map shows the city at the time of Archbishop Whitgift, a strict High Churchman who outlawed Puritanism and other non-conformist beliefs.



A 1588 map of Canterbury, taken from A Particular Description of England

With the portraitures of certaine of the cheiffest citties and townes by William Smith, Rouge Dragon Pursuivant to the College of Arms. At this time the Archbishop of Canterbury was John Whitgift, a High Churchman with a passionate dislike of puritans and non-conformists. In 1593 he was responsible for the passing of the Act against Seditious Secretaries, making Puritanism an offence. In addition he was at Queen Elizabeth’s deathbed, and crowned James I. Fond of ostentatious displays, he would on occasion arrive in Canterbury with a retinue of 800 horses.

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