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Bruges c.1650

A three-part view of Bruges, from about 1650; the creator of this map is unknown.



A three-section view of Bruges

The first, a view of the city with citizens and ships in the foreground; the second, a plan of the fortifications and moat of the city with fields outside the town; the third, a map of the canal between Bruges and the coastline at Ostende. Dating from around 1650, the publisher is unknown. At the foot of the map is an explanation of the renaissance of the city under the Spanish, extolling the virtues of the new harbour, given in Latin, Spanish, English, French and Flemish. Until about 1500 Bruges was one of the wealthiest cities in Europe, at the heart of maritime trade, with a population of maybe 200,000. Home in exile to Edward IV and Richard III, Bruges was also where William Caxton published the first-ever book printed in English, in 1473.

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