Bering’s Expedition 1729

The hand-drawn map of Vitus Bering’s First Kamchatka Expedition, which took five years to complete.

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A hand-coloured map of Siberia

Compiled on the instructions of Captain Vitus Bering (1681-1741, a Danish cartographer and explorer, who served in the Russian Navy) following the First Kamchatka Expedition (1725-30), which established that there was clear sea between Asia and America. The map stretches from Tobolsk in the west to Sukotsky in the east, and is decorated with depictions of the native inhabitants and scenes from local life.

Original Size: 58 x 135 cms

SizeArt on Demand PaperBamboo PaperSilk Paper
87 cm X 202 cmPOAPOAPOA
72 cm X 169 cmPOAPOAPOA
58 cm X 135 cmPOAPOAPOA