Map of Augsburg.

Augsburg 1521

A ground-breaking, amazingly accurate and detailed map of one of the key cities within the Holy Roman Empire.

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One of only two known copies

This is the first mathematically measured printed European town plan to be produced north of the Alps, and only the second in Europe after de Barbari’s bird’s-eye view of Venice of 1500. Astonishingly detailed, it celebrates Augsburg as one of the leading cities of the Holy Roman Empire. Surveyed by Jörg Seld, designed by Hans Weiditz and possibly engraved by Jost de Negker, this beautiful woodcut map was probably intended to emphasise the independence of Augsburg within the Empire, and the power of Jakob Fugger, one of the wealthiest men in Europe at that time.

Original Size: 80 x 191 cms

SizeArt on Demand PaperBamboo PaperRice Paper
80 cm X 191 cmPOAPOAPOA
56 cm X 133 cmPOAPOAPOA
48 cm X 115 cmPOAPOAPOA