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We believe that Kleinemann prints deliver a quality of reproduction beyond that of any alternative on the market.

Each print features a 5cm white border, thus adding 10cm to the dimensions given.

We have selected a variety of different materials on which your map can be printed, each one hand finished and printed to the highest art quality.

The choice of paper is yours, and each will provide a slightly different finish to your map, with fine gradations creating subtle differences.  Your choice may be influenced by a variety of factors, including where it will be hung and the ambient lighting (natural and/or electric).

Whichever type of paper you choose, all are of archive quality and meet the Fine Art Guild “blue wool scale”, being printed in such a way to ensure lightfastness and stability of printing inks.  Below are brief descriptions of the paper types, to assist in your decision-making.

Our choices of paper

Art on Demand “Fine Art Paper” – This is a matt textured heavy paper, best ‘all-rounder’, absorbs the most ink giving excellent colour density and image sharpness, most like a painting, ideal for well-illuminated rooms.

Bamboo This paper is a mix of bamboo fibre and cotton, with a very smooth surface texture.  It is the thickest of our papers, particularly good for warm toned etchings and mono-prints, selected for crispness of print, best for rich colours; ink bleed varies.

Rice Only suitable for black & white prints.  The thinnest, smoothest and palest of our papers, this is a lightweight coated matt paper which gives the print the appearance of an original ink drawing.

Silk We use “Habotai” (“soft as down” in Japanese) 16mm silk.  Colour prints reproduce very well on this material, providing a slight sheen, a delicate antique feel and a slightly darker finish. NB: Cannot be offered for black & white prints.

Advanced digital technologies, harnessed by our master printers, ensures your map is reproduced with accuracy and clarity.

If you are unsure of which paper to choose for your specific map, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below.

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