The Map Company has some of the world’s finest topographical and cartological masterpieces.

We hope you will enjoy exploring our current collection of 120 maps.  We will add to this collection on a regular basis.

Nearly all of our maps come from our unique partnership with the British Library: the highest quality of facsimiles and prints are now available to buy, many for the first time, from The Map Company.

The word “map” does little justice to what they truly are. Since cave-dwelling days, man has created maps to define the heavens and earth – and tell unique stories. Perhaps of a first in discovery, an affirmation of faith, a delineation of territory or an expression of a cartographer’s artistic talent. Without the work of geographers and map-makers our world would remain a mystery.

The Map Company works with the British Library

Our maps represent the cream of over 4 million maps and views that form the British Library’s world-famous collection: most importantly our initial selection has been guided by Peter Barber OBE, who was for over 20 years Head of Maps at the British Library.

Our map selection spans a full millennium of world history, and we have assembled a unique collection that symbolises the mastery of the cartographer’s art. The vast majority of these maps have not previously been available to the public to own.

Each work has been selected for its unique place in the history of maps. Some for their historical significance, others for their beauty and some for their unique curiosity value. Amongst these treasures, you’ll find an 11th century map of the world, a depiction of a 1483 pilgrimage to Jerusalem, The Queen Mary Atlas – a gift to her husband Philip II of Spain, and the astonishingly detailed Augsburg town plan from 1521.

Equally wide-ranging are the territories we cover: empires, continents, great cities, perilous journeys, islands and long-forgotten countries. The best of the British Library’s collection can now be enjoyed as high-quality prints and facsimiles, in a variety of sizes and papers that authentically bring the maps to life.

As a client of The Map Company, you will be buying the finest replicas of maps that previously only great libraries, museums and the few possessed.

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